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As a traveller for adventure you'll participate in all kinds of interesting and varied activities and enjoy all manner of unusual experiences. Working a little along the way makes it all possible.



Throughout the world

Members on top of Flourmill volcano.

'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' was a Jules Verne epic that inspired many an imagination.

 Members here on top of 5,000 ft Flourmill Volcano, Canada, during a Club working holiday

 before going to projects in South America, Australia and the USA.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than those you did."

Mark Twain


Members staying in an igloo north of Yellowknife.Spending time at work you find monotonous and boring will interfere with your ability to enjoy life.

You must wake up every morning excited about the day and what you will be doing.

For more than 40-years the Club has been helping members to work and travel all over the world and to enjoy an adventurous lifestyle - and it's run solely by those who have lived the lifestyle themselves and know all about it.

You're sitting in the same old pub on Friday night with the same old people when in comes Joe (or Steve or Sue) who's been working in the Australian Outback, travelling around Tibet, and crewed a boat from Freemantle to Sri Lanka.

You and your friends try to pretend that it's been more interesting and exciting in Neasthorpe, Cheltifax or Sadcity, but who are you kidding? Boredom is the reason why most people get-up-and-go, but there are lots of others.

If you're reading this then perhaps you are bored and prefer to be enjoying a beer with a group of treeplanters in a tavern in the Cariboo Mountains, a mug of chicha in the Bolivian altiplano, or enjoying a free stay with us in Costa Rica while travelling the world.


Enjoying a Work Adventure as a safari tour driver (game warden) in Kenya, and experiencing the incredible wildlife?

Working on a cruise ship in the entertainment department, sailing the Mediterranean and enjoying visiting those places you've always wanted to?

Seasonal work earning good money harvesting fruit in Canada's glorious Okanagan Valley, and enjoying the great watersports during your free time?

Taking a Working Holiday in a summer resort, such as Cancun, Mexico, and meeting the rich and famous?

Working in a ski resort and experiencing the exhilaration of organising snowmobile tours in, say, Colorado?

Conservation work helping to protect koala bear habitat in Queensland, Australia, and working with everything from Kangaroos to dolphins?

An action job with the adrenalin-rush working as a river-running guide on the Futaleufu River in Patagonia, Chile?

Working as a self-employed guide running trail riding adventures in Costa Rica?

And so on. If you're not tempted by any of these then you're on the wrong website!

But, if you fancy adventure in the far flung corners of the world we hope you will find what you are looking for on this website. If not, e-mail us.

Trail guide Costa Rica.

River running guide, Chile.

Working with koala bears. Snowmobile guide.
Fruit picking in the Okanagan. Club staff at summer resort. Game warden, Kenya.


Entertainment staff on cruise ship.

 Pictures here (Clockwise from top left): Trail guide Costa Rica; raft crew Futaleufu River, Chile; working with koala bears in Queensland, Australia; leading snowmobile tours Selkirk Mtns, British Columbia; entertainment crew on cruise liner, Mediterranean; safari guide in Kenya game reserve; summer resort staff, Mexico; picking fruit in the Okanagan Valley, Canada.

 "A little over 12-months ago I was bored with the job I had and the area I lived in. I had for a long time been an armchair traveller - always sitting around thinking how wonderful it would be to see the world but never actually doing anything - just dreaming. I suddenly decided that the only thing stopping me from doing it was myself ..."

.... Jane Roberts

Shortly after, we helped Jane start her 19-week adventure through seven countries.

"There are so many things I want to do, so many places I want to go and so much I want to see. Until I heard of your Club I thought many of them were impossible - just nice ambitions. Now I realise that I can do all of them and more - the opportunities are endless and things that I never dreamed of are right there at my fingertips.

"The Club will prevent me from wasting years in a high pressure mundane job. I want to say 'Thank You' for making available to me the most thrilling and life-changing opportunities."

... Tara Valentine


Forestry - farm - ranch (working, guest & horse) - teaching (incl. EFL) - shop (every type) - office - agency - hotel - resort - bar - restaurant - catering - sports - recreation - activity instructors - performers - entertainers - DJs - musicians - couriers - reps - conservation - wildlife - guides - rangers - wardens/caretakers - engineering - mining - factory - driving (all sorts) - labouring - building and construction - plant operators - maintenance - mechanics - stores - security - computer technicians - accounts - administration - marketing/sales - nursing - medical - health/fitness/beauty - casino - film/photography - nannies - au-pair - mother's help - domestic and childcare - offshore crew - hostesses - sailing - ship/yacht crew - lifeguards - attendants - etc.

The list and choice is almost endless, and there are many other opportunities that don't fit into any particular category, so the above is a partial list only.

















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Work & Travel Around the World


Adventure is there waiting for those who want it.  Join a crew maintaining trails in Alaska work on an organic tea farm at the base of Mt Fuji, Japan help protect peregrine falcons in Bavaria join a survey of caves and waterfalls in Fiji Learn how to handle an 8-wheel drive ATV in Scotland Crew a yacht in the Caribbean ...

Work4Travel Club - Frontier Club - especially for the adventurous and conservation minded who want overseas excitement and adventure with lots of ideas and opportunities, from cruise ship work to working in ski resorts - everything imaginable and more!

If you like to work outdoors, enjoy wildlife, conservation minded, want adventure, then here are a few examples of things you could be doing, with some comments from working travellers.

 Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and helping with a marine survey. (ACTION jobs)

 Working on a sheep station in the Australian outback. (Seasonal & Casual Work)

Thailand, enjoying the good life in ramshackle huts on the beach. (Travelling Companions)

The Pyramids of Egypt and overland adventure through Africa. (Work Adventures)

Experience the lure of the wild from the Polar Bear Express. (Conservation Work)

 Here I am working on a luxury private yacht travelling to the Seychelles. (Work on Cruise Ships)

When driving expedition vehicles through Africa you need a good sense of humour. (Working Holidays)

 The Big Hof we lived in when working in Iceland made me think of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

The Icelanders were friendly and would even lend us their cars. (Work in Ski Resorts)

After a year in the USA, tree-planting and truck driving, on to to Australia and then Indonesia ... "The company sends me all over the place, Bali, Sumatra, etc ... Basically I've never had it so good as the saying goes. It's a great life and Indonesia a hell of a place to live it ..." (Seasonal & Casual Work)

"If you have special interests then teaching English in Tokyo is a great way to explore them, get involved, or try out new and exciting pastimes, while supporting yourself on a good salary." (Work Adventures)

"When you have seen a real live bear in the wild it is something you will never forget." John.

At 6,500 the air was relatively thin and took a little getting used to. (Conservation Work)

(While working at the gold mine in the Aussie Outback) ... Lunch was always relaxing as we were driven to a great picnic under some shady trees. Our camp consisted of a row of tents with dining and washing vehicles. When there was time off we would all pile into the back of a pickup truck and drive the 20 or so miles through the bush to Kununurra." (Working Holidays)

After a month in the disco I started work in a restaurant, evenings only, which was ideal because I could ski all day. Rosalind in Courmayeur. (Work in Ski Resorts)

Enjoying the nightlife of Buenos Aires and Montevideo while working on a ship. (Work on Cruise Ships)

Working on mountain trails is great, living in the great outdoors, with the pleasure of working with a group of people - the camaraderie of camp life with a trail crew has to be experienced, it cannot be described. (Conservation Work)

Small touring boats off New Zealand's Kaikoura Peninsula bring as many as 180 people a day to swim with 50 to 300 dolphins that play. On the surface things seem to be going OK, but is it really good for the dolphins? It takes a lot of observers to help collect data to help set the standards. (Conservation Work)

Owning and operating your own business can be tremendously exciting (Working for Yourself), whether in your own country, the Caribbean or anywhere in the world.

Why not come and stay with us, enjoy all kinds of recreational opportunities such as surfing, diving, rafting in Costa Rica and other countries (Our Tropical Base).

If you're short on time, the JOIN TODAY page has a synopsis of all services and facilities of the Club.

 A condensed story on WORK ABROAD and Jobs abroad

One Sunday in spring, after three days of travel over dusty prairie, I alighted from the train in Calgary, that rapidly spreading cow town in Western Canada. I had spent part of the summer tree planting in British Columbia and then managed to get some dude ranch work, which turned out to be one of the best summer jobs I had ever done, and I earned lots of money especially tree planting.

I had a mind now to continue my work around the world adventure by either taking one of those cruise ship jobs, that my travel friends had told me about, or else getting a ski job in either Banff or Jasper. Whilst I enjoyed skiing, and ski work at this time of year was a good option, I had to decide whether I wanted to spend the next few months at a ski resort, or enjoy the sun, somewhere in the Caribbean perhaps, working aboard a cruise liner.

I decided to have a look in my copy of the Club member's handbook. This had lots of jobs overseas and all kinds of opportunities for work abroad, and lots of contacts for jobs on cruise ships as well as ski jobs of course but there were lots of other interesting things from conservation work and trail building in National Forest, National Park and Wildlife Reserves and Id always wanted to see a grizzly bear to jobs in America under the Work America program, voluntary work in Africa, right on to teaching English as an efl teacher.

My friend had spent a working holiday English teaching in Japan under an International Exchange scheme and said that it was one of the best overseas jobs he had ever had. I had to make a decision; what was it to be? By pure coincidence I heard from an old school friend, Paul, who had been an expedition driver in South America the last time I had heard from him. His letter from a summer camp in New York had been forwarded to me and as this holiday job was coming to an end he was interested in teaming up with me to look for new adventure travel.

I managed to reach him by phone and he decided to hitch hike across Canada and meet me the following week. His girlfriend, Christine, at this time was a cruise ship hostess on a world cruise and the ship would be visiting Vancouver in the next few weeks so maybe cruise ship employment was a likely prospect. She was as well travelled as we were, having had her first taste of overseas adventure during her gap year with a holiday job as an Au pair and nanny in Europe, followed by a working holiday on a kibbutz in Israel, and seasonal work fruit picking. To cut a long story short, we all ended up working on a cruise ship on its way from British Columbia to Alaska; I with a job in the restaurant and bar work evenings, my friend working in the casino, with his girlfriend enjoying her job as a cruise ship hostess.

Working at sea was a great way of life, and the pay was also excellent with cruise line employment. There were hundreds of cruise staff aboard, so it seemed that there were lots of other people who also enjoyed travel jobs. There were jobs for students, action jobs for those keen on water skiing, scuba diving jobs, water-skiing jobs, amongst dozens of others.

We spend nearly a year working on a cruise ship, but then decided that although we were making lots of money it was time to visit other places and enjoy some world travel. Budget travel was always the most fun here were some of the greatest adventures to be had hitchhiking, panning for gold by a roadside stream whilst waiting for a ride, camping, helping with conservation work on the way, watching wildlife from grizzly bears to whales, exploring old goldmines, and sometimes there were gold nuggets to be found near these old gold mine sites.

We left the ship in Miami, Florida, spending the first few weeks ashore at a workcamp helping to monitor wildlife in the Everglades National Park, a very enjoyable work camp. After that we headed up north on an auto driveaway program free travel on a car delivery program to New York and on to a summer camp run by the Club in the Adirondack Park. Here Christine, who enjoyed the outdoors and wide-open spaces and especially working with horses, worked in the camp kitchen.

Paul enjoyed trail building and forestry work and helping with the construction of the main camp complex he used to be a carpenter and joiner spending his relaxation time hiking the many trails and canoeing, while I had the opportunity of learning new skills and how to build with logs.

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